About Mary Margaret:

Bay Area visual artist Mary Margaret was born in Berkeley, Ca on September 28, 1992, and raised in San Lorenzo, California. She’s been drawing since she could hold a pencil and realized her passion for creating in 2006 when she decided to go to a small art high school called East Bay Arts in Hayward, California.
During her high school years Mary participated in several art showcases, talent shows, on stage productions, and took a part of the many different cultural dance teams, from hula to hip-hop. Mary completed her first pencil portrait in 2008 for a school project and fell in love with what she could do with a pencil and paper. Soon after, she started doing portraits using charcoals and pastels of friends and celebrities. After completing portrait after portrait in the last years of high school, she knew being an artist was something that she needed to pursue. Creating art makes her happy and when people look at her work, she wants people to feel a piece of that.
After graduating high school in 2010, Mary went to Ohlone Community College in Fremont, Ca to study Art and later went on to take classes at The Art Institute of San Francisco in 2013 for graphic design. During her time in college, Mary completed commissioned digital art for small local companies and churches. Maintaining websites, social media and practicing different styles and mediums of art, while figuring out her place in the art world.
Give Mary a pencil, a sketch book and a couple hours, she’ll create something amazing. Her artistic technique is drawing what she sees, simple as that. One thing not many people know about Mary is she’s partially color blind, so her art in color is a challenge but it doesn’t stop her. If you take a look at her portfolio, you will notice that most of her pieces are done in black and white. Out of her many artistic talents, Mary is best at drawing portraits, either realistic or a quick cartoon-like sketch. Even her friends and family say she’s mastered how to properly capture a face onto a piece of paper.
Currently, Mary is working on her digital art skills, putting her pieces in galleries and building her own creative brand while living in Oakland, Ca.  From creating album covers for bay area musicians to designing tattoos for friends to making logos for local companies. She participated in her first art show in Livermore, Ca in July 2018 and has been setting up her art all around the Bay Area at pop up shows, art shows, fairs and galleries. Her favorite place to set up her art is on a beautiful, sunny day at Lake Merritt in Oakland, Ca. Mary is building her portfolio so she can have her first solo art show in 2024 and is working on owning her own art collective or studio so she can give other artists & herself a safe place to create, express and grow.